Shiplap Wall DIY Set 150mm x 1ft / 2ft / 4ft & Custom Size


Product : Shiplap Board
Cara pemasangan : Use air nail gun or glue wood
**The gap of shiplap requires a thin coin to be sandwiched between each board and board in order to make the overall look more beautiful
Material : Mdf Board
**Can paint
Thickness : 6mm
Width Fix at 150mm (recommended)

**Max length able to ship to Singapore is 1400mm

**Min custom size 30mm x 30mm

For custom sizing or business use please contact :0163321473 or
visit our website at
Facebook > de woodpanel resources

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**Max size that can ship to Singapore : 1400mm x 900mm

**Min custom size 30mm x 30mm

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150mm * 305mm * 6mm, 150mm * 610mm * 6mm, 150mm * 1220mm * 6mm


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